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Casa De Mar Site is happy to welcome you!

CASA DE MAR is situated on the Moçambique coast approximately 35 kms South of Inhambane on 24.08.70 S ; 35.28.70 E. The site has 500 metres of beach frontage. Directly in front of CASA DE MAR is a spectacular reef. The Northern end with a drop off of 14 metres is known as Guissime or Big Rock and is 600 metres offshore. The reef runs South at an angle for 3 kms where it meets the shoreline. This creates a protected bay with safe swimming and snorkelling for the whole family.

CASA DE MAR is the perfect spot if you want to get away from it all and take advantage of the exquisite climate, beaches and natural unspoilt beauty that Moçambique has to offer.

CASA DE MAR is within easy reach of the towns of Inhambane, Jangamo, Maxixe and Cumbana with shops, markets, restaurants, fuel stations etc.

The beautiful town of Inhambane has markets, restaurants and trading stores etc. Fresh fruit, cashews, vegetables, prawns, calamari, fish and crab are available daily. Local beers and soft drinks are readily available.

Dhow trips can be arranged from Inhambane to Maxixe, Linga Linga or just around the bay and drives can be organised to the lakes at Logogo.

Credit Card Facilities Now Available.