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P. Scott, South Africa
A very huge thank you to you both for sharing your paradise with us again - for the 5th time now - I think. Each time we go back to CDM we love it more and so relish the peace it offers. As always, the staff were wonderful - ever friendly, smiling and helpful. Such amazing folk. The weather was not the greatest: the first 3 days were lovely, then the wind came from the North for 3 days and then the South for 6 which churned up the sea and made the beach a bit unpleasant on occasions. However, I did manage to catch a 8" Moonie which was wonderful!! The landing of a 40+Giant Kingfish on the beach right in front of CDM was incredible !! Anyway, it's something to add to your tales of CDM and we are witnesses !! Anyway, we WILL be back again next year even though a visa now costs R750,00 (for a 1 entry visa - British passport) - it's worth every cent !!

N. Pretorious, South Africa
Hi Des, Marry, Kevin, Thanks again for a great weekend and I can assure you we all had a good relaxing weekend, Pity the fish were all hiding away. Your staff treated us very well [very helpful & friendly].

T. Delport, South Africa
Our sincere thanks for the best break we have had in years, You have produced what must be the finest destination in Southern Africa. I am sure that it has taken both of you many years of exeptionally hard work, but the end result is something that you can be very proud of.

I. Hulley, South Africa
We cannot thank you two enough for a fantastic stay. What a spot you have, we are looking forward to getting back up to you again. You really do have a special place on that coast. Keep well and until the next time. Cheers

S. West, Sweden
We made it back to Sweden. What a crazy adventure our little trip to Moz turned out to be.. We drove more than 11000km! And what wonderful experiences we had along the way. Our time with you guys was the greatest - we will never forget it! Of all the countires we liked Mozambique the best. Isla de mozambique was amazing - but a very very long drive...